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AXH air-coolers

AXH air-coolers is a leading manufacturer in the air-cooling industry, offering a comprehensive range of air-cooler models and types to meet any standard or custom requirement. With a vast manufacturing facility and unmatched level of technical expertise, we provide full-spectrum support – from initial sales through aftermarket support. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and on-time delivery has earned us a solid reputation in the market.

At Westland Engineering Solutions, we bring a wealth of engineering and design experience to the table, delivering natural gas compression cooling, process cooling, and lube oil cooling solutions to meet the strictest specifications and project requirements. Our air-coolers are designed and engineered to order, taking into consideration specific application and location-specific conditions to ensure optimal performance.

We understand the industry, the pressures on your business, the needs to minimize down-time and maximize the return on your investment over the product lifetime.

Process Cooling

Forced and induced draft air coolers built to ASME Section VIII, Division 1 and specified industry standards, such as API 661, to service the needs of the refinery and chemical industries. Cold climate automatic louver systems available.

Oil Cooling

Turbine lube oil cooling is critical to the reliability of turbine-generator or turbine mechanical drive applications. ero particle or PI 614 flushing capability for turbine lube oil coolers ranging in flows of 10 gpm to 900 gpm is the leading edge in the industry, providing quality, clean coolers to the industrial turbine marketplace.

Gas Compression

Our gas compression heat exchangers are typically used to protect gas compression equipment and control the conditioning of natural gas from the wellhead through compression, processing and delivery from underground reserves through the major pipelines.